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Morgan the Pirate

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Steve Reeves' 1961 muscle man performance in Morgan the Pirate. This movie has everything for the pirate lover: romance, action and treasure - a well made movie.

Sold as a slave, Henry Morgan works in the gold mines of Panama where he makes friends with ex-pirates and together they break out of camp. Capturing a Spanish galleon, they set sail for Tortuga, a pirate headquarters.

Soon Morgan is the most feared name in all of the Caribbean, and after many harrowing adventures he is captured. His life is in jeopardy and he can only be saved by a beautiful woman, (Valerie Lagrange), who knows the truth. A great Steve Reeves movie.

This is a good quality print. A lot of the noise and dirt has been removed from the film, so this is better quality than you'll find elsewhere. Case art as shown, the disc art is similar. You get a Main menu. There are no chapter screens but you can navigate the chapters with the skip function on your remote.